Exchanges listing fund. [pinned][job offer]

Posted on 2019-10-06 by n8tb1t
Status: Seeking funding

Target 1000000.0 CX
Funded 0 %
0 individual contributions

0 CX Raised

0 CX Paid out

Donation address:

If you think Catalyst should be listed on more exchanges, you are at the right place.

Please let us know, on what exchanges you want to see CX listed next.

Once this fund has enough value in cx to apply to any exchange, we will start an open discussion about our further moves.

If you wish to donate some other currency, please let us know in the comments or through the Discord channel.

[job offer] Also if you think you can help us to get listed on any particular exchange, without listing fee or for a reasonable amount of CX, please don't hesitate to do this :)

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n8tb1t [op] [admin] 2019-10-06 11:31
Moved to status "Funding".