Catalyst project maintaining fund (code base, media e.t.c) [pinned][job offer]

Posted on 2019-10-06 by n8tb1t
Status: Seeking funding

Target 500000.0 CX
Funded 0 %
0 individual contributions

0 CX Raised

0 CX Paid out

Donation address:


Catalyst developers are regular members of the community so think of them more like contributors. Currently, they do a lot of work behind the scene:

  • Maintaining the current codebase.
  • Introducing new features.
  • Running the test net.
  • Supporting the project on multiple media platforms.
  • E.t.c.

if you think they should get rewarded, feel free to donate to this fund.

This proposal has no particular CX goal, it will constantly stay in funding.

You are free to donate any amount of CX you feel comfortable with, which will be distributed between members of the community according to the significance of their contribution, whether it be a small code fix, a new feature or a friendly post. Any contribution should be reworded.

[Job offer] If you think you have appropriate skills to contribute to the current codebase just look into our issues system, pick a task and let us know that you are working on it :)

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n8tb1t [op] [admin] 2019-10-06 10:59
Moved to status "Funding".